Balls Deep


Businessman Charles Horse is arse over tit in a world of strange pleasure, whipped cream and doodles with eyes. An erotic physical comedy created and performed by professional weirdo and idiot, Cam Venn.

Charles Horse is an innocent and lovable businessman… who’s looking for success in all the wrong places. This is an hour of outrageous fun that will make audience members squirm in their seats with surprise and ecstasy as Charles Horse explores the edges where comedy and fetish overlap.

Cam Venn is a trained physical comedy performer who dances on the boundaries of the charming and downright ridiculous. This show embraces Cam’s fascination with the world of kink and his drive to celebrate sexuality in all its unique forms.

So if you have ever wanted to paint a businessman in honey, then this is the show for you!! Balls Deep runs every night from APRIL 17th -23rd at 10pm. Bookings essential.

BALLS DEEP was a sell out cult hit at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016

"This is easily the most bizarre and ultimately entertaining show I’ve seen in the fringe. ” – The Advertiser